Business Planning

Coin Laundry Business Planning CD

Getting into the coin laundry business is an investment and an important decision.

We feel that it is important to ask a lot of questions before making that decision and a great place to start is by ordering the Coin Laundry Business Planning CD.

Everyone needs clean clothes and although sometimes you put that chore off until        tomorrow the end result is that you have twice as much laundry. The coin laundry is     the perfect answer for most people because they can spread their laundry out in        several washers and dryers and save themselves a great deal of time.

The customer base for coin laundries includes households that do not own their own washer and dryer, renters, college students, large families and many other customers.

A coin laundry offers you a great deal of owner flexibility. It can be an unattended laundry that requires a small amount of your time or an attended laundry as a full time career.