Rockport Shoes: Comfort and Style

Offering a wide range of styles for men and women, Rockport shoes are well-known for their stylish appearance and comfortable fit. Since 1971, Rockport has been providing consumers with dress and casual shoes that are essentially as comfortable to wear as sneakers.

What makes Rockport mens shoes so comfortable?

A Massachusetts-based company that was started by a father and son team, Rockport shoes has become one of the world’s most popular brands of shoes. The brand is currently available in more than 60 countries

Through the years, Rockport mens shoes has been the first shoe company to introduce various advances in the field of footwear. In 1973, Rockport’s Country Walker shoe made its debut, and this easy-to-wear shoe helped to popularize the healthy activity of walking. Prior to the introduction of Rockport shoes’ Country Walker model, there were basically just dress shoes and athletic shoes and you can find it at online at the website

Rockport Shoes: The quality makes the product

With the debut of the Country Walker, Rockport shoes was able to create a type of footwear that combined positive attributes from both of the other types of footwear.

In 1983, Rockport shoes revolutionized the world of dress footwear when it introduced its DresSports line of shoes. These attractive dress shoes featured a sports sole that made them much more enjoyable to wear than traditional-style dress shoes.

A great example of how pleasant the DresSports shoes feel was evident in 1990 when a former vice president at Rockport mens shoes ran the entire 26.2 New York City Marathon running race while wearing a pair of DresSports shoes.

In 2005, Rockport debuted various styles of men’s and women’s shoes that are machine-washable, and in 2011 the company launched its Cobb Hill line of women’s shoes.

Choosing your Rockport shoes for life

Among the types of men’s Rockport shoes that are available are in retail stores and through their website are wingtips, walking shoes, slip-ons and loafers, boots, Oxfords and boat shoes.

The impressive selection of women’s footwear from Rockport shoes includes heels, flats, sandals, sneakers, boots, wedges and Oxfords. This New England company also produces a line of men’s and women’s soft and flexible footwear named truFlex.

In addition to their high quality men’s and women’s footwear, Rockport shoes produces a large assortment of fashion and footwear accessories for men and women.

Men’s accessories from Rockport include belts, socks, slippers, wallets, insoles and different types of shoe care items. Women’s accessories from Rockport include socks, gloves and shoe care items.

With people of all ages around the world regularly purchasing and wearing their different types of comfortable products, it’s easy to see why Rockport shoes are one of the world’s most favored brands of footwear.